URGENT Casting for Microsoft Corporate Video

Techie Hipster Male or Female Age: 20s-30s ONLY NO EXCEPTIONS Any Ethnicity MUST BE tech-savvy This is a speaking role for a tech savvy professional – must understand Microsoft Software Details: This is a well-paid paid booking You MUST be available for the shoot in the Seattle area on April 20, 2017 (schedule TBD)! CLIENTS  > >

URGENT: Wireless Commercial Casting

Hiker Male Age: 20-40 ONLY Any Ethnicity Fit/In-shape & Athletic Extras Any gender Age: 16-50 ONLY Any Ethnicity Details: This is a paid booking: $150-$700, depending on role. SHOOT DATE: One day between 3/21/17-3/23/17 (8-10hrs; schedule TBD) LOCATION: Seattle area (TBD) Submission Deadline: ASAP or TUESDAY 3/14 by 12:00pm NOON CLIENTS PLEASE CHECK YOUR EMAIL  > >

URGENT: Casting for T-Mobile

Male Host Male Age: 23-30 ONLY Any Ethnicity Hip/trendy and relatable Details: This is a paid booking: $600 & $25 wardrobe fee. If selected, you will be given instructions on what type of wardrobe to bring to the shoot. SHOOT DATE: Wednesday 3/1/17 (4-6hrs; schedule TBD) LOCATION: Seattle area (TBD) Submission Deadline: ASAP or TUESDAY  > >

Casting for Short Film

Younger Sister Girl Age: 9-12 Ethnicity: Caucasian Older Sister Girl Age: 12-16 Ethnicity: Caucasian Mom Female Ethnicity: Caucasian Dad Male Age: 35-50 Ethnicity: Caucasian Details: This is for a very lightly paid thesis film shoot. Submission Due Date: Saturday, February 18, 2017 12:00pm You MUST be available in the Seattle Area for the shoot on  > >

URGENT: Casting for Microsoft/Bing Enterprise

Female Age: 30-45 ONLY Ethnicity: Hispanic/Latina or Asian Clean-cut/Professional Appearance Physical Disabilities “OK” Male Age: 30-45 ONLY Ethnicity: Chinese Clean-cut/Professional Appearance MUST SPEAK FLUENT MANDARIN Details: This is a paid booking: $500-$650 (depending on role) & $50 fitting fee FITTING DATE: Monday 2/13/17 (schedule TBD) SHOOT DATE: Tuesday 2/14/17 (ALL DAY) LOCATION: Seattle area (TBD)  > >