Project Description:

SUPERIOR SUBJECT is a 10-minute short film to be directed by J.D. Henning, and filmed in Seattle, with high hopes for the film festival circuit. The film revolves around Bryn, a brave student who decides to fight against the bizarre standardized test he and his friends are undertaking– only to find not everything is not as it appears. The project is produced by Kairos Productions, a feature film company in the Seattle area ( IMDb credit will be awarded, and footage for demo reels will be provided upon request.



Age 9 to 12, male or female, all ethnicities

Perceptive, clever and courageous, Casey is the sort of kid who manages to succeed in class without being perceived as the teacher’s pet. Casey is always keenly aware of what the Proctor is doing, and careful to avoid gaining her notice.


Age 9 to 12, male or female, all ethnicities

Ben is very concerned with passing the class. Though often hesitant to speak, Bryn’s expressions speak volumes, especially to those few classmates who are friends. Anxiety about the test, and fear of its Proctor, dominate Bryn’s world.


Late 40s-early 50s, female, all ethnicities

Proctor is poised, commanding, and slightly intimidating. She knows exactly what she wants, and the threat of her displeasure keeps her whole class in line. Her diction is crisp, her posture is perfect, and a single warning look can skewer recalcitrant students. Proctor relates to adult peers in a much more relaxed and calm manner – even her accent relaxes. Stage combat training is a plus.


Late 30s – early 40s , male, all ethnicities

William is calm and easy going, with a winning smile and an attitude that makes him everyone’s friend. William plays hard and works hard, but does both with such easy confidence that it looks like he’s not even trying. He’s a catch, and it’s barely annoying that he knows it.


Late 30s – early 40s, female, all ethnicities

Angela is the sort of woman every mother hopes her son will bring home someday. Despite her unyielding commitment to good outcomes, she demands the best with such grace and charm that no one seems to notice. Baristas don’t mind re-making her coffee, waiters don’t mind returning her food, and tailors happily restitch her clothes.


CLIENTS: Please check your email for submission details.

Auditions for those chosen will be held January 27th and 30th at TPS in Seattle. Shoot dates will be February 15th, 16th, and 17th, in the Seattle area. Speaking role compensation will be $200 per day.