Nightfall – Woodlands is set against the wintry backdrop of Freeport, Maine in the late 1990s. A group of rebellious teenagers skip class and go walking out in the snow-covered forest near their high school. When they come upon a long-abandoned, derelict cabin, they tease and dare each other to go in. But they soon realize that they are not alone, and something inhuman is in the cabin, picking them off one by one.


  • Guys & Girls
    • Ages 14-20
    • rebellious/grungy look is preferred

CLAIRE, 18 – Female, darker to black hair, skinny to athletic build
Shows a range of emotion, from anger to sadness to fear; she is avoiding a lot of issues in her life in favor of drinking/smoking

JERRY, 17 – Male, longer hair, wiry, messy appearance
A try-hard, desperately trying to impress his friends, and most of all his crush, Stacy

STACY, 18 – Female, blond or brown hair, not nearly as grungy as the others
She is the most clean-cut of them, involved with multiple social scenes

RYAN, 19 – Male, short hair, muscular
Intense, aggressive, easily slips into an alpha-male nature

ERIC, 14-15 – Male, short hair, smaller, almost homely in appearance
He is quiet, definitely lonely, and just wants to have some friends


  • This casting is for a lightly-paid booking
  • You MUST be available in the Seattle area for the 2 day film shoot in February 2020 (schedule TBD)